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Security Fencing Hire From £5 Per Panel

Security Fencing Hire

Sadly, equipment worth more than £1 million is stolen every year from construction sites in the UK. If you’re a construction worker onsite with expensive equipment, this is a worrying statistic.

You may think that security fencing hire is costly. At Hire Desk we always want to provide a cost effective solution to a problem. In this case, we want to provide security fencing at a competitive rate to make it affordable. Our security fencing is just £5 per panel for a week.

For the added security and peace of mind, hiring security fencing at such a low rate is a no-brainer.

Of course, CCTV or a 24 hour security guard would be nice. But both can be expensive. Security Fence hire for either short-term or long-term projects is much cheaper, but extremely effective.

Security and safety have to be given top priority on modern construction sites. Contractors not only have to protect their workers and their equipment, but make sure the public can’t get access to sites and injure themselves. Damages claims can be expensive!

Bored youngsters can treat a building site out of working hours as an adventure playground, and that is highly dangerous. With security fencing hire you keep children away from the site.

Strong fencing also prevents the opportunist theft, a growing problem in the construction industry. You won’t arrive one morning to find with a sinking feeling that your hard-earned equipment has disappeared. Security panels provide a real deterrent to passing thieves.

No special skills are needed. Security fencing comes in panels and can be assembled in minutes, providing a secure site in next to no time. It complies with all the health-and-safety regulations.

It’s easy. A quick phone call and your temporary security fencing will be on site next day, guaranteed. We’ll gladly advise on the best type to suit your needs.

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