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Scaffold Tower Accessories

For those looking to hire a scaffold tower, you may not be aware that there are few accessories and options you can use with your tower. This page explains some of the accessories that are available.

Foam Protectors

This innovative impact protection system is designed to help reduce bangs and scuffing damage to all finished surfaces which means you don’t have to keep retracing your steps and touch up paintwork time and time again.

Foam protectors are available to purchase with every scaffold tower hire and are ideal if you need to protect finished surfaces from the scaffold tower.

Scaff Tag

The scaff tag system uses an insert tag system to ensure the latest status is instantly visible at the point of use. Scaff tag is specifically designed to show locations & move references of your scaffold tower.

Scaff tags are available to purchase with every scaffold tower hire and are a health and safety requirement on most construction sites.

Staging Boards

Staging boards can help you bridge a gap, or provide an additional platform to work from, especially if you need access across a wider surface, in fact, our biggest staging boards can stretch up to 6.1 metres without additional support.

You can hire staging boards with any scaffold tower hire. Hire Desk also supplies the hand rail systems along with the staging boards for additional safety. Speak to our hire desk team and they can quote you on the total hire cost for additional boards and hand rail.

High Clearance Frames

High clearance frames allow you to reach all those jobs at height without disturbing desks and computers below. It even helps you to work around doorways and fire escapes where access is needed at all times.

These frames are currently only available in and around the London area. Call our hire desk for more details.

Cantilever Section

Using a Cantilever Section, you can convert a double width tower to provide access outside the tower handrail making it ideal for accessing those hard to reach areas.

These additional tower sections give extended reach for those hard to reach places. Currently we can only offer the cantilever with tower hire in and around the M25. Speak to our hire desk for details.

For Scaffold Tower Accessories, Hire Desk offer discount rates on tower and the accessories nationwide. For fully cleaned and safety checked stock, be sure to give Hire Desk a call.

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