Temporary Heras Fencing Hire

  • Temporary Heras fencing panels
  • Includes ground block and coupler
  • Set the quantity of panels on your order
  • Available next day delivery, London and nationwide


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Temporary Heras fencing panels are the ideal solution for securing a construction site, securing machinery or protecting the public.

No matter where you are in the UK, you can now hire temporary Heras fencing from the Hire Desk at a discount hire rate. You don’t need to be a regular customer with us to hire fencing.

We supply all the necessary fixings and ground blocks with every hire. Lightweight and strong, the fencing is virtually impenetrable, deterring the opportunist thief and protecting pedestrians.

You don’t need any special tools, each panel fits together easily and you can span a large area quickly. Although we don’t construct the fencing, finding an extra pair of hands is all you need to help you.

Fencing is now a Health and Safety necessity to keep the public out and protect them from site hazards. If you need fencing for your construction site, be sure to give Hire Desk a call today.

See our price comparison table below:

Temporary Heras Fencing Hire. Price Comparison – Per Week
HSS Hire £8.60 Per Panel, Per Week
Speedy Hire £6 Per Panel, Per Week
Hire Desk £5.50 Per Panel, Per Week