Cement Mixer Hire

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  • Available nationwide
  • 3 model types – 110V, Petrol, Diesel
  • Ideal for both DIY and professional applications

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Nationwide Cement Mixer Hire

Ideal for both DIY and professional applications, mixing a full wheelbarrow load of concrete or mortar.

Mixing concrete or cement with a mixer is much easier and quicker then conventional methods allowing larger quantities to be produced in a relatively short time. Our cement mixers are built for durability and are the number one choice nationwide. The mixers have full thermal overload protection as well as a NVR (no-volt-return) safety power switch. Used with its stand these highly portable, lightweight and quality machines allow barrow height mixing and tipping.

Technical Information

  • Based On: Belle Minimix 150
  • Power (hp / kW): 0.75 / 0.55
  • Drum Volume: 130l
  • Mix Capacity (litres): 90
  • Power (hp / Kw): 0.75 / 0.55
  • Drum Speed (rpm): 24
  • Noise Level (dB): 107
  • Dimensions: Width x Height x Length (mm): 597 x 890 x 1211
  • Weight without stand (kg): 55

Concrete And Mortar Mixes

There are several different mixes that can be employed. The proportions of each individual element added are dependent on the project. A strong concrete mix is one with a higher percentage of cement, whilst a weaker mix uses less.

General Purpose Concrete = 1:2:3 mix. Perfect for most uses except foundations and exposed paving. It is composed of one part cement, two parts sand and three parts coarse aggregate (if using a combined aggregate, this mix would be 1:4, one part cement to four parts combined aggregate).

Foundation Concrete = 1:2 ½:3 ½ mix. Standard for wall foundations or bases and laying paving slabs, etc. One part cement, two and a half sand and three and a half coarse aggregate (if using a combined aggregate, this mix would be 1:5).

Paving Concrete = 1:1 ½:2 ½ mix. Ideal for exposed paving such as driveways and garage floors. One part cement, one and a half parts sand and two and a half parts coarse aggregate (combined aggregate would need a mix of 1:3 ½).

Standard Mortar = 1:5 mix. For internal or sheltered brick laying. Mix one part cement to five parts soft sand. Add a small amount of lime or one part plasticizer to increase the workability (this type of mix is perfect for an internal block partition wall).

Strong Mortar = 1:4 mix. Used for exposed brickwork. Mix one part cement to four parts soft sand, add a small amount of lime or plasticizer to increase the workability.

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