Bridge Beams Hire

  • Create an extended working platform
  • Work over obstacles
  • Only available for delivery in and around the M25


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If you’re working at height and you need to bridge a gap between two towers, then Bridge Beams are the ideal solution. Made of lightweight aluminium, these beams are perfect if you’re plaster boarding or fitting a suspended ceiling.

With minimal fuss you can easily erect a safe working platform between two standard scaffold towers, increasing your work space and helping you complete the job at hand.

In some circumstances, you may need to work around large immovable objects, such as conservatories and heavy machinery. In such a case, the Bridge Beam is perfect.

Worried that the stock may be damaged or unsafe to use? Here at the Hire Desk, we maintain an exceptional standard of quality and safety checks, giving you the customer peace of mind. We fully clean and inspect every component of our scaffold towers and bridge beams.

Buying such equipment can be very expensive and not cost effective, that’s why finding a reliable hire supply is ideal. If you’re looking for discount hire rates on Bridge Beams Hire, then you have come to the right place.

Available for next day delivery in and around the M25, give us a call today or hire online Bridge Beams and other scaffold tower equipment. We would be happy to help you work at height safely.

Any questions or concerns, feel free to speak to one of our trained team, they will be happy to help.