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Powered Access Hire

Sometimes a scaffold tower or ladder isn’t suitable for the task at hand. In such a circumstance a scissor lift or MEWP is best. These powered access machines give the user a mobile access platform to work at height.

Erecting a scaffold tower can be time consuming and if you need to be mobile and work at different heights regularly, you need a hassle free solution. We have the perfect solution for when you need to be mobile and work at different heights. A scaffold tower can take up precious time, but our hassle free design means that there is no longer any need in tedious set-up or tear down!

Hiring someone to erect a scaffold tower is time consuming and if you have regular heights that need working at, then our hassle free design will be perfect for your needs. With no set up or tear down required it’s sure become one of the best investments!

Powered Access Hire is far cheaper than you might think. Hire Desk offer a wide range of powered access machines at discount hire rates very similar to that of scaffold tower.

Whatever task you need to carry out, whether that is general maintenance construction, painting or decorating, a powered access scissor lift machine meets all those requirements.

The power of a scissor lift is unmatched in its ability to meet all your needs. Whether it’s general maintenance construction, painting or decorating-the powered access machines have you covered, Powered Scaffold Lifts come with everything from lights that allow for working at night time without having any difficulty seeing what’s happening on top; they also provide stability while walking around high places like scaffolds!

Our easy to use self-propelled platforms are capable of reaching 5.2m in height. Industry standard safety approved scissor lifts are available for hire to be delivered the very next day nationwide.

You don’t need a large corporate account to hire a scissor lift from us. You just need to meet our insurance guidelines and you can be taking delivery of a scissor lift tomorrow morning. We don’t care what size your company is, we can provide a scissor lift to help with the heavy lifting. All you need is insurance compliance and soon enough one of these will be in use at every location across campus!

We’ve got you covered. No matter what size your company is, we can provide a scissor lift to help with the heavy lifting! Just meet our insurance guidelines and wait for it—you’ll be taking delivery tomorrow morning before class even starts up again. You don’t need an expensive corporate account if all that apply are compliance-minded individuals like yourself who want access now; contact us today so one of these will soon find itself across campus (and beyond).

For quick and hassle free Powered Access Hire, give our hire desk team a call and they will be happy to answer any questions and reserve a machine for you.

Do you have concerns for safety and quality? Before any Powered Access Hire, we thoroughly check each machine and make sure it’s safe to use. All our equipment is inspected and fully cleaned before delivery, ensuring our customers are satisfied. All batteries are charged and tested for function.

Get in touch today to reserve your scissor lift.

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