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Gas Bottle Storage Hire From £25 Per Week

Gas Bottle Storage Hire

It is vitally important that all gas bottles are stored securely and safely, especially on a construction site.

Working with chemicals and gases can be risky business, so it’s important that you are prepared. Take all appropriate health and safety precautions and keep everything secure. The best way to ensure a safe working environment for everyone involved in the process is by taking all necessary precautions. Be sure that you’re prepared with protective equipment, including masks when needed!

Working with chemicals is never a straightforward task. You need to be prepared for the risk that comes along every day and take all necessary precautions in order not only protect yourself, but also make sure others can do their jobs safely as well! It’s important though – especially when working outdoors-to always wear protective equipment like masks or gloves which will ensure your safety at work while still allowing you enough hands free use of tools without worrying about dropping them on accident because they’re too busy protecting themselves from inhaling toxic fumes during processing time

Hire Desk offer Gas Bottle Storage Hire in a handy gas bottle storage cage that complies with HSE regulations and keeps all your chemicals and gas cylinders safe.

Gas bottles and other similar chemicals can also be expensive; therefore you want to protect them from the opportunist thief. Gas bottle storage with a cage keeps everything secure and you can have peace of mind when working on site. The best thing you can do for your expensive chemicals is store them securely. With a cage, the safety of these vital resources will not be threatened by any opportunist thieves out there!

Nationwide Gas Bottle Storage Hire

Compact yet super strong, our gas cages are easy to transport and store and can be erected within a few minutes with no fuss. Available for next day delivery nationwide, you can have Gas Bottle Storage Hire for just £25 per week.

Protecting chemicals and gas bottles for just £25 a week is a no brainer. These tough cages can also protect from flying debris and other dangerous objects that could cause an explosion. The best way to keep your chemicals and gas bottles safe is with a cage. These tough cages can also protect you from flying debris, other dangerous objects that could cause an explosion or fire!

Our Gas Bottle Storage cages come in a variety of sizes, therefore give the hire desk team a call and they will be happy to help you find the right equipment.

We safety inspect and fully clean all equipment before sending out on hire, therefor you can be sure that our Gas Bottle Storage Cages meet the HSE regulations. The ideal solution for protecting your chemicals and gas bottles is a cage. These tough cages can also protect from flying debris, which could cause an explosion!

For more convenience, hire online via our website and a member of our team will be in touch to confirm your order.

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