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Extension Ladder Hire From £35 Per Week

Extension Ladder Hire

Extension ladders combine rugged strength and durability with unrivaled sturdiness and rigidity along with extra-large slip resistant feet to provide additional safety. Extension ladders are a great investment for your home. They provide extra safety with their large feet and strong construction, while being able to withstand even the most rigorous use! Extension ladders are strong, sturdy and reliable tools that will help you with your home construction or remodeling projects. They have extra large slip resistant feet to keep the ladder steady while working on it so there’s no risk for falls! From just £35 per week, extension ladder hire is easy as picking up the phone and calling our team.

Not all jobs at height are easy access; therefore a sturdy extension ladder may be necessary to reach the extra height. Height is a tricky thing to get right. If you’re looking for some help getting things done, then an extension ladder might just do the trick!

Scaffold towers and low level platforms are great but it is not always possible to use large structural equipment in a compact area.

Using an extension ladder hire offers you total flexibility to work at height in hard to reach places. According to health and safety regulations ladders may be a less popular option when it comes to working at height but in many cases an extension ladder jacks can help you reach very difficult areas quickly and efficiently. The extension ladder is a great way to reach hard-to-reach areas that are otherwise out of your range. Extension ladders provide you with the ability for quick and efficient work, which can be especially helpful when working at heights!

Our extension ladders come in a variety of sizes. All of our equipment is regularly washed and checked so you know that it is in immaculate condition and every extension ladder jacks we have meets industry health and safety standards.

When you need an extension ladder, there’s no better company to turn than our team! We offer a variety of sizes and styles. All equipment is regularly washed in order that every product meets industry health standards as well as safety regulations; we also make sure each individual jack has passed inspection before leaving the warehouse so it can give consumers peace-of mind knowing they’re buying from professionals who care about their customers’ satisfaction levels.

Working at height can be dangerous. Don’t overreach and put yourself in unnecessary danger. Hire an extension ladder that will give you the extra height you need, for a very small hire rate. Nowadays many people are aware of just how risky this type work can be – even with proper safety gear on- so why take chances? Hire our cheap extension ladders which come equipped with all essential features such as large platforms & wide rungs; they also provide enough room between each panel for added security.

Call us to hire your extension ladder today and your equipment will be with you on site tomorrow with the accurate pricing, without fail.

If that’s inconvenient for you, why not use our website and hire the equipment online in a few clicks.

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